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Ostuni, Puglia
2 weeks Italian Course

16 March - 30 March 2024

We're super excited to launch our latest adventure in Ostuni, Italy's 'White City', and we can't wait for you to join us. Picture this: you're working remotely from a stunning Italian town, surrounded by ancient olive trees and just a hop away from gorgeous beaches. But that's not all - we believe the real magic happens when you speak the local language.

That's why we've crafted a cool Italian language course that fits right into your workday. It's all about connecting with the local culture and community in a way that's deeper and more authentic. Imagine chatting with the friendly locals, ordering your espresso in Italian, and really feeling like you're part of something special.

Excited to say 'Ciao' to mastering Italian while working remotely in Italy?

Ostuni, BR, Italy

Local apartments

10-15 participants

Coworking space

The Experience

We've designed this experience for 'Bella Lingua' lovers, giving you the chance to bring your work to the enchanting town of Ostuni, while diving into the beautiful Italian language. It's not just about working in a new place; it's about living a new culture, learning a new language, and becoming a part of something truly special.

Each week, you'll have Italian group classes, conveniently scheduled around your work commitments. That's 5 hours per week dedicated to boosting your Italian skills in a fun, interactive, and practical way. Plus, we've got a bunch of activities lined up to ensure you get to practice your Italian in real-life situations. Whether it's ordering coffee like a local or chatting with new friends in the piazza, every moment is a learning opportunity.

But wait, there's more! We're all about giving you a taste of the local culture and traditions. You'll get to experience the authentic side of Ostuni, from its mouth-watering cuisine to its vibrant customs. And of course, it wouldn't be a KINO experience without our signature offerings: coworking sessions, community activities, and exciting trips.

Experience Focus:

Language Learning/Activities with locals/Food & Wine


Choose between two distinctive coworking spaces in Ostuni, each offering reliable internet and a unique atmosphere. A more traditional office set up within a historic building, perfect for focused tasks, connects you to Ostuni's rich heritage.

Then, in the heart of the old town, our apartment-style coworking space offers a laid-back vibe. Right by the cathedral and featuring an incredible terrace, it's ideal for relaxed work sessions or community gatherings. Whether you prefer the quiet of history or the buzz of town life, our spaces cater to your every need, merging work with the beauty of Ostuni.


Enjoy your luxury stay in the historical centre of Ostuni.

Stay in typical accommodations with a modern twist and sunny rooftop terraces.

All the apartments are located in close proximity to each other and they are walking distance from the coworking space.

All apartments are equipped with wi-fi and all the comforts for a month stay.

We have a selection of shared flats and private apartments for you to choose from.


If you opt for a shared accommodation, you will enjoy your own private bedroom while sharing common spaces with other participants. 


Prefer the privacy of your own space? Then a private apartment is your best bet!

Studio Flat