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Ortigia, Sicily

7 April - 5 May 2024

Throughout centuries, Sicily has been a crossroads of Mediterranean history and cultures and it's no wonder that the gorgeous island has become a favourite Italian destination for digital nomads and remote workers alike.

That's why we are thrilled to bring our first KINO experience to Sicily, starting from the charming Ortigia. With a population of less than 5,000 inhabitants, Ortigia island is the hystorical centre of Syracuse, to which is connected by three bridges.

You will have the feeling of living in a charming ancient medieval 'borgo', while having the city at your doorsteps.

Ortigia, Italy

Local apartments

10-15 participants

Coworking space

The Experience

During weekdays in this enchanting Sicilian town, your focus will be on remote work, with the mesmerizing city of Syracuse just a short journey away. As you power through your to-do list, the serene and inspiring ambiance of Ortigia is perfect for productivity.

When work wraps up, it's community time! We gather for fun activities, from cooking traditional Sicilian dishes together to indulging in the sweet delight of a freshly made cannolo siciliano. Enjoy games, skill-sharing sessions, and plenty of laughs as you bond with your fellow remote workers.

Weekends are for exploring. Dive into the local culture of Ortigia, wander through Syracuse's historic streets, or relax by the sea. We'll organize some special experiences, with plenty of free time for you to discover the region's beauty at your own pace.

And if you need some solitude, that's totally okay! All activities are optional, allowing you to find the perfect balance between community interaction and personal time. In Ortigia, embrace the remote work lifestyle your way, with a touch of Sicilian charm.

Experience Focus:

History & Culture/Food & Wine/Local Festivals


Going to off-the-beaten path means we often don't find existing co-working spaces ready to welcome our community.

So what do we do? We set up one!

More info on our coworking space in this location coming soon!


Our homes in Ortigia are beautifully decorated apartments from which you will be able to enjoy the peace of this ancient 'borgo'.

You will fall in love with the island of Ortigia and its natural and historic landscapes.

We have a selection of shared flats and private apartments for you to choose from.


If you opt for a shared accommodation, you will enjoy your own private bedroom while sharing common spaces with other participants. 


Prefer the privacy of your own space? Then a private apartment is your best bet!

Studio Flat

Private Apartment