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We arrive as participants,
we leave as a community!

Explore the charm of Italy with our international community of location independent professional!

At KINO Italy, we are passionate about connecting remote workers, digital nomads, and other location independent professionals who want to experience the benefits of working from beautiful Italian villages. We believe in stepping away from big cities and immersing ourselves in the authentic charm of smaller settings. In these peaceful environments, we build meaningful relationships, embrace the local culture, create opportunities to connect with friendly locals, and enjoy the simple pleasures of life together.

In the spirit of an Italian family, where love and connection are paramount, the KINO Italy community welcomes you with open arms. Just as the bonds within an Italian family are forged through shared values of support, togetherness, and tradition, our community of remote workers embraces similar principles that foster a sense of unity and belonging. With a focus on collaboration, empathy, and a passion for exploration, the KINO Italy community provides a nurturing space where individuals come together, share experiences, and support one another on their unique journeys.

Our Community Values

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